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KOSTAL is consistently driven by its desire to make life simpler while providing intelligent solutions for all eventualities – and has been doing so for more than 10 years now! KOSTAL inverters simplify PV system planning and installation and provide a range of options to suit all customers’ needs.

The new PLENTICORE plus – simply versatile

KOSTAL has a proven track record: Our products have always provided the perfect solution for the most diverse requirements. PLENTICORE plus is the next logical step. See for yourself!

Discover our new products for 2017.


The PLENTICORE plus is hugely impressive. Our new battery inverter was a finalist for the hotly contested and coveted ees AWARD, which is dedicated to electrical energy storage solutions for tomorrow’s clean energy.





PLENTICORE plus – simply versatile

More choices yet simple handling – the perfect description of the new battery inverter from KOSTAL Solar Electric. As the PLENTICORE plus name suggests, it offers numerous possible uses and options, with the “PLENTI” part coming from the English “plenty” and “core” illustrating that all important functionalities are combined in just one unit. And of course KOSTAL’s new battery inverter can be found at the very core of a PV system.

Freedom of choice – and always the optimal solution with new PLENTICORE plus ...

  • … when constructing a new PV system

    • two PV inputs and one combined PV input or battery

    • 3 MPP trackers or 2 MPP trackers and one battery storage

    • compatible with various high-voltage storage batteries (150 – 600 V)

    • simple battery activation via online shop when retrofitting

  • … when replacing (repowering)

    • using combined input suited to replacement as a string inverter (up to 3 MPP trackers) or battery inverter (with 2 MPP trackers)

    • Maximum yield can be achieved with innovative shadow management

    • Self-consumption optimisation and self-learning yield and load forecast (smart battery control)

  • … in an AC combination

    • Storage of DC or AC energy with connected battery storage

    •  Potential AC power sources include combined heat and power (CHP) units, additional inverters or other external energy sources

  • What’s more, installation is a quick and easy process:

    • all key functions in a single device

    • separate connection area including all interfaces

    • tool-free SUNCLIX connectors

    • attractive, compact design

    • small housing dimensions therefore requires little space for assembly

You will find more information in our PLENTICORE plus flyer.


Intersolar 2017 – our innovations at a glance

Join us on a review of our highlights of this year’s Intersolar:

• our new battery inverter – PLENTICORE plus
• the addition of the BYD storage to our previous PIKO BA system
• the new PIKO IQ with additional intelligence
• the PIKO 36 EPC – the cost-optimised project inverter for large projects of less than 3 MW

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