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Effectively using solar energy

PLENTICORE plus always provides a matching solution for effectively generating solar power! Regardless of whether it is a new PV system installation, as part of repowering or within your smart home - PLENTICORE plus is very versatile and flexibly compatible.

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Versatile and smart

Discover the versatile options to use PLENTICORE plus to meet your demands!
Thanks to easy installation and smart monitoring it also fully convinces in terms of handling.
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Promoting climate protection and saving up to 1,107 euros in electricity costs*

The PV storage system consisting of PLENTICORE plus 5.5 and BYD Battery-Box H11.5 is once again the efficiency winner: This has been scientifically confirmed for the second time in a row by the current study "Energy Storage Inspection 2019" of the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW). With a System Performance Index (SPI) of 91.4%, the storage solution again achieves the highest value in the study.

For you as a user of a photovoltaic system, this means that the repeatedly awarded technology not only protects the climate, but can also save up to 1,107 euros in electricity costs per year*.

*When using the PLENTICORE plus 5.5 with the battery storage H11.5 from BYD

Take a step towards sustainability with PLENTICORE plus

PLENTICORE plus makes any home an intelligent power generator

Easy access to PV systems

Make existing systems fit for a sustainable future

Get even more out of any PV system now

More PV benefits for advanced users

Enjoy freedom and independence thanks to PLENTICORE plus

The centrepiece of smart home solutions - PLENTICORE plus

Be an PV expert independent from the energy suppliers

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A new photovoltaic system develops

PLENTICORE plus makes any home an intelligent energy generator!

Finding the right inverter for a new photovoltaic system always also depends on system requirements. Thanks to PLENTICORE plus you can rest assured to have found the right product as it is perfectly suitable for any requirements.
We have compiled some facts for you. 

  • The only requirement to meet is providing a roof or any other surface on which solar modules can be installed as PLENTICORE plus has been designed for almost any size of home and power classes between 4.2kW and 10kW. The alignment of the roof is not all too crucial for PLENTICORE plus as the PV hybrid inverter features up to 3 MPP trackers and the roof in question can thus be individually fitted with solar modules depending on the suitable alignment. 

  • PLENTICORE plus PV hybrid inverters feature a self-learning shadow management system that quickly and individually adapts to local circumstances. For this reason, the system always only actuates those solar modules that are not in the shade so as to be able to generate high power generation yields even in the shade. 

  • PLENTICORE plus is the first hybrid inverter that can also be retrospectively connected to a battery storage system via its MPP tracker. 

  • No, costs are not incurred until you want to connect a battery. The system is then enabled using an activation code available from our online shop. 

  • PLENTICORE plus is approved for various high-voltage storage systems. There is a choice between modular Battery-Box H systems from BYD or our tried and tested forelion brand PIKO Battery Li from Sony. Additional manufacturers are bound to follow in the future as soon as we can guarantee ideal collaboration and a high level of safety. 

  • Each PV system operator can measure the personal energy consumption. For this purpose, use Energy Meter EM300-LR, measuring self-consumption in real time using 3-phase energy measurement 24 hours a day. Consequently, every plant owner is aware of how to optimise their self-consumption and minimise power costs. The Energy Meter is available from our online shop. 

  • It goes without saying that PLENTICORE plus is also suitable for connection to Smart Homes. It features EEBus and SunSpec interfaces meaning the inverter can communicate with many other products and solutions within Smart Homes to intelligently control consumption. 

Quickly and easily kick start existing systems!

Thanks to PLENTICORE plus you can now get even more out of any PV system.

In terms of solar systems there are also always new products and functions that make even more efficient and intelligent power generation possible. PLENTICORE plus offers just such a further development and quickly and easily makes more of existing systems.
Find out what it does. 

Become independent of the power grid thanks to PLENTICORE plus

PLENTICORE plus forms the centrepiece of linked smart home solutions

Nowadays the digital transformation is affecting any areas of our lives. Our homes have long since been linked to the digital world. We can already conveniently control devices such as domestic appliances and heating systems via networks using our smartphones. Why not also control the devices' power supply using your own photovoltaic system to thus maximise self-consumption? Thanks to PLENTICORE plus we offer you the perfect product to make your home even smarter.  

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